Earth is Room Enough

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Just to give a little bit of an intro to my blog; these posts are going to be a look back at some of my fine-art and commercial work that I haven’t shared elsewhere on the site, I’ll also share sneak peaks of weddings before they go up on the site, then some behind the scenes posts on my work and hopefully I’ll get time to share some photography tips and advice too!

So to kick things off I thought I’d show one of my favorite pieces of work from my time in college (the photography BA in DIT). This was my final year piece, Earth is Room Enough.


 Earth is Room Enough, addresses issues of consumerism and waste in contemporary society. The project examines our culture of consumption through documentation of a site which is integral but background to our daily existence: the landfill. These unusual Irish landscapes, with tens of feet of rubbish hidden from view, act as a metaphor for how our society seeks to bury our problems and avoid addressing the deeper costs of the way we live. The colour alterations, inspired by science-fiction representations of dystopian futures (in particular HG Wells, The Time Machine), seek to augment the unfamiliarity of these sites and underscore the degree to which western consumers are estranged from the innumerable and immensely destructive repercussions our consumption has at both ends of the production-disposal stream

CMN-4-72dpi arthurstown1arhturstown2-2CMN-1 -72dpiCMN-2-72dpiCMN-5-72dpiCMN-3-72dpiCMcNally-self21_20



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